Stretford Paddock Football Club, whilst being an entirely new entity, has ambitions to join the official football pyramid in England because we understand the importance of each and every single level of football. How it binds communities, encourages play, and keeps football accessible for all. As the largest, most popular sport in the co

After Okera Simmonds snatched a late point against Manchester Polonia last weekend, Stretford Paddock look for a first victory in the 2020/21 Rhodes Cup group stages as they host North Walkden this Saturday (2pm KO). North Walkden were part of Lancashire and Cheshire’s AFL Division One this year alongside Stretford Paddock before COVID-

Stretford Paddock Football Club is blessed to have former academy players don the red shirt. In this Documentary – we ask them if Premier League academies ever set them up for if they fell down the footballing ladder and explore their mindsets of being young academy products, are they Football’s Broken Dreams ?