As we approach the final hours of the pre-order window for our much-anticipated “The Code Breaker” kit, we want to remind our fans and supporters that this is your last chance to guarantee your jersey ahead of the upcoming season.

Pre-Order Closes This Monday! Since the launch this past Monday, the response to our new kit has been overwhelmingly positive. To ensure you don’t miss out, we strongly advise placing your pre-order before the deadline on Monday. Remember, availability of sizes will be limited after pre-orders close, and the fastest way to secure your jersey is by pre-ordering now.

Why Pre-Order? Pre-ordering guarantees that you will receive your desired size without delays. The jerseys are set to arrive in the last week of July, and pre-ordering ensures you are among the first to wear the new “The Code Breaker” kit, embodying the spirit and legacy of Alan Turing with pride.

Kit Details: Inspired by the legendary figure of Alan Turing, the kit features a unique binary pattern and a powerful quote on resilience and innovation. It’s more than just a jersey; it’s a statement of our club’s ambition and a tribute to a pioneering spirit.

Secure Your Kit Now: Don’t wait until it’s too late! Head to our online store now to place your pre-order. This is the most effective way to ensure you receive your “The Code Breaker” kit as soon as it’s available.

Thank You for Your Support: We are thrilled by the community’s enthusiasm for the new kit and are excited to see it in action both in the stands and on the pitch. Your support directly contributes to the club’s success and helps us keep pushing the boundaries on and off the field.

Visit our online store now to secure your kit. Let’s make this season unforgettable with “The Code Breaker”!

Stephen Howson

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