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It Begins...

The interest was strong. So strong that over 100 people applied to come to a trial on a cold January morning. Following the trial a training group of 30-40 players was formed and we looked to formalise our foundations, register with the Manchester FA and apply to play in a league.

January 2020

What's In A Name?

Following on from the Sportsman World Cup competitions, we carried on playing 5-a-side football at Powerleague. But a change of kit was needed, and the blue 1968 European Cup inspired kit was shed, and a red white and black kit replaced it, and the name was changed to 'Stretford Paddock'. Interest grew, and the desire to play more competitive, more regular and XI a side football was strong. Could we make our own club?

September 2019

Studio 68 - Sportsman World Cup

As the World Cup in Russia was in full swing The Sportsman invited the Studio 68 office to enter a team into it's 5-a-side World Cup. We again lost in the semi-finals. The Sportsman repeated the competition in 2019, where we - yet again - lost in the semi-final of the tournament!

June 2018

Fan League Cup

In July 2017, Stephen entered a team with Full Time Devils into the Fan League Cup. A tournament featuring YouTube teams from around the country. The competition was viewed by over 1m viewers. FTD lost in the semi-final on penalties. But an idea was sewn.

July 2017

c o m i n g s o o n

Erm... come back soon!

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