I’ve enjoyed the journey of Stretford Paddock, so far. But there’s still loads for us to do. We want to join a proper league, one where clubs will test us and if successful our ambitions can be matched by promotions to play at a meaningful level. 

The lack of current direction doesn’t stop the things we still have to do;
I still need to find a home ground 
I still have to organise training locations
Still need to complete all the necessary steps to apply and successfully be accepted into a league. 

Next season WILL come at some point. So if you are a player that’s looking to get involved; please keep an eye on my social media, mainly Twitter @MrStephenHowson for when training returns. We currently train at Powerleague, but that might change depending on how and when we come back. If you come down to training for the first time, just let a coach know. 

We also need admin, and committee staff. Here are some roles we are looking to fulfil; 
Club Secretary
Club Welfare Officer
Strength & Conditioning Coach

If you’d like to volunteer for any of the above roles, please drop me an email at staff@stretfordpaddockfc.com with the job role in the title and a bit of a reason why you’re a good fit for the role. 

We are also looking to find some sponsorship for the upcoming season, to help out with cost of training and stadium hire, which are significant. If you know of anyone interested please direct them to sponsorship@stretfordpaddockfc.com

Or if you just want to support what the club is doing – then we’ve got loads of merch in the club shop, from match shirt, to training kit, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and hats! www.stretfordpaddockfc.bigcartel.com

Stephen Howson

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