Fan Ownership

Fan Ownership


Stretford Paddock began with community. Since the beginning, we came together, as friends and colleagues, to play football. We came together as a small community that was pushed by having our online community right behind us, our ‘fans’ if you like. What we are today, is down to those fans. Every football club has its own pride and traditions, and we are no different, in that regard. We want to make our own traditions and our own values that we stand for, together. Stretford Paddock is about uniting in the name of football. There are things we as a club believe in, and it is time now to share those dreams, beliefs, and values with all of you.

You have heard of 50+1, Stretford Paddock wants to do it differently. From here on out, we are offering 100+0.

No outside owners. One member, one vote. From Manchester to Marrakech, we will deliver a level playing field. We want to grow our community both in the stands and online, and we can’t do it without you. We want to be the world’s local football club. We do that by democratising the decisions. YOU will be given the power.



The European Super League was threatening to take dreams away from football fans. It felt like we could genuinely lose the game we all love. The secret meetings, the deception, it all left us a bit sour. It was a major factor in our decision to become a fan owned club. A club should give you the chance to shape the future of this club, with maximum transparency, to collectively own the club. We don’t just want you to follow the journey, we want you to walk it alongside us.

We have registered Stretford Paddock FC as a community interest company which means we will exist for the benefit of our community, OUR football club. We are appointing a board, and an inaugural committee, all board and committee appointments will be voluntary positions.

After an initial two-year period, positions on the board will be open to nominations and a public vote. Our initial board consists of dynamic individuals who have all been with us since the beginning and have been instrumental to the formation of the club from inception to where we are today.

Inaugural committee
1. CEO – Stephen Howson
2. Secretary – David Pritt
3. Chairman – Craig Howson
4. Treasurer – Julie Cartwright
5. Head of Technical Development – Ieuan Evans
6. Head of Player Development – Vacant
7. Coaching Rep – Matt Ahern
8. Welfare Offer – Josh Reed
9. Player Rep – Club Captain – James Oatt
10. Brand Manager – Janine Howson
11. Operations Manager – Ayodeji Olayemi
12. Fan Representative – Jon Nield



Our first fan representative will be Jon Neild, who has been with us since our first friendly game and has enthusiastically taken on this role. We look forward to appointing more representatives as we grow. We plan to elect a second fan representative once we reach 500 members. We will continue to elect more with each subsequent milestone.

Whether we have one member or one million-each voice is treated equally. We are looking for partners who care for and support the club as owners. We truly want people who take their ownership seriously. Shares will not go up and down, nor are we seeking owners who are looking to profit from buying and selling shares. When you buy into the club, you are opting in to our FC family and helping us make sure that family thrives and achieves the goals we set together.

How we’re doing things differently; Many fan-owned clubs take paper ballots annually at a yearly AGM. We know how quickly things can change in the football world, and we believe that system is outdated, restrictive, and too infrequent to keep up with the ever-changing world of football.

With that in mind, we have developed a mobile app that will enable owners to stay up to date on club news, track games when you can’t be there, post up topics as they arise, and enable voting straight through the app to achieve a democratic resolution instantly.

What’s next: The membership will be £50/season or £5/monthly via your phone’s app store (this is still being developed and tested, so isn’t available immediately, but it’s coming soon!) and change how ownership looks for football clubs. The app will be the hub for all things Paddock FC. You’ll be able to vote on club matters, see exclusive interviews and news, enjoy behind-the-scenes information, and offer up discussions of topics to be voted on. The app will also have a free version that doesn’t unlock all the above members benefits. So literally everyone will be able to enjoy it.



Starting out we will be voting on club and academy structures, ticket prices, expansion into women’s games, sponsorship options, club ethics, fan services and amenities, core values, and more. Be sure to grab the app today so you don’t miss out on your opportunity to have your voice heard as a founding member of the club.

Speaking of Founding Members, those who join as a member in 2022 will receive the permanent title of Founding Member for as long as they remain active and will be honoured with a permanent fixture once we find a home of our own as well as a metal pin badge. Each founding member will also receive a unique member number – beginning sequentially, the quicker you join the lower your number! What number will you get?



We know how much you care about Paddock FC, and we can’t wait to hear your voice as a founding member of something that we hope together becomes bigger than all of us.



Please note that certificates and badges are issued in batches of 100 due to our printing supplier setting minimum orders on certificates, these will be shipped as soon as they become available.


To become a Founder Member, click here;