What we're all about

Who Are Ya?

Stretford Paddock? Like the Manchester United fan channel? Yup. Same thing. Well… Same people. We’re football fans, we’re a big group of mates and we’ve enjoyed playing football together. We love talking about it, watching it, playing it.

Play For Us!

So we made a football team. 100s of people wanted to play for that team. We applied to join a league and were successful in our application. Where it goes from here, who knows. But we’ll all enjoy the ride together!

Watch Here

We’re documenting the birth of this football team on our YouTube channel. Does that mean, big over-the-top reactions, drama and aggro? No, actually. That’s not what we’re about. We want to bring a new look at how football is portrayed. How coaches, players, fans all interact with each other, and show the sheer work required to run a club, to gain coaching badges, what really goes on in analysis sessions, training, team talks - every detail that goes into making the beautiful game, beautiful.