My names Jack Apted, I’m 17 years old and I can play Right and Left Back and further forward when needed. 

Whilst we’ve been in lockdown a lot of people have taken it as a negative, but instead I’ve tried to switch it up and turn it into a positive thing. Every morning I go on a run for around 30-45 minutes which is going to massively improve my stamina for when we can eventually get back onto the pitch! 

I’ve also bought some exercise bands for around £10 which have been really helpful, there’s videos all over Facebook, YouTube and twitter that have lots of different routines and tutorials that have helped me out alot. I’m currently using a 4 week plan to help me get into shape, the first week was focusing on building up my abdominals and and my upper body, and I’m currently on week 2 where I’m focused more on building up the muscle in my legs and arms. And week 3 & 4 are going to be focusing on the same areas but with lots more intensity. 

As hard as it is trying to exercise from home it’s essential we all do it. It doesn’t only help your fitness, it helps your mental health, your immune system and obviously your wellbeing. The longer we all stay away from each other the quicker we’ll be able to watch Paddock smash it even more!

Stephen Howson

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