Stretford Paddock Football Club, whilst being an entirely new entity, has ambitions to join the official football pyramid in England because we understand the importance of each and every single level of football. How it binds communities, encourages play, and keeps football accessible for all.
As the largest, most popular sport in the country, it is a tragedy that the game is being sold off to the highest bidder and turning its back on its roots. Everyone with ambitions to play at a higher level, with aspirations to one day meet those storied teams, holds those ambitions and those teams in high esteem because those are the teams that have achieved, that are at the top because they’ve earned their success.

The European Super League proposal removes competition from sport. This is the point at which it becomes purely entertainment only. Stretford Paddock are proud to be a grassroots club, we are proud to represent the league, and the level that we exist in, and despite ambitions of rising through the leagues and one day competing in the FA Cup, we’d be perfectly content to simply exist at this level amongst the brotherhood of clubs on the same journey, with the same dreams. We are one of the thousands.

As a club, we have a deep-rooted idea to give back to the fans, to represent our fans, to try and make decisions that are made WITH our fans. We have spoken to a handful of our supporters in recent weeks about the possibility of a Stretford Paddock FC Membership – where supporters, like in Germany will have a large say in the day-to-day running of the football club. Today we have decided, amidst our disillusionment at the ESL announcement, that we as a club WILL be making this scheme a reality. As a club, we are determined to make this a priority, to finalise the workings and legal requirements for the club to become member-ran, and also accelerate our development of a delivery system that allows members to vote on club matters.

Football was founded for the many, not the few. Stretford Paddock FC will be run by our supporters for the supporters.


We will make a further announcement with launch dates in due course.


Mitul Mistry

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