By Tom Parker

Paddock travel to Wood Lane Marple this weekend as they face off against their toughest opponents so far in the Rhodes Cup – Mellor Firsts. A win would see Paddock progress into the semi-finals and eliminate one of, if not their biggest competition for the trophy. After three wins and three clean sheets in a row, the team is on a real high and will fancy their chances of facing up to the task.
IB finding the net against Abacus Media

Howson knows this will be a great test for the players, but believes they can do the job: “I think this is one of the absolute biggest tests we could’ve come up against, I think I’d firmly put Paddock as the underdog in this fixture and that’s the first time I’ve said that in a while. We’re coming up against a team that had a flawless record in the league. Last weekend they won 8-0, they’ve had a very, very strong season to date and I think they have to be considered favourites not just for our game but favourites for the cup in total.

So, I’m excited to match us up against them, I want to see what the standard of this entire league system is. I want us to be a Premier League team as soon as humanely possible, so I want to see what the top of that tree looks like and what the standard is, and obviously measure up how far of it we are.”
The game kicks off at 2pm

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