Stretford Paddock FC are pleased to announce a few strategic partnerships that will see PlayerData become our new Innovation Partner. With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of sports, we recognize the need to accelerate the club’s development of digital solutions to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard.  

The agreement brings together Stretford Paddocks’ excellent coaching and management expertise and PlayerData’s revolutionary GPS tracking technology. Together we believe we can improve the on-field performance of the team while providing key insights for PlayerData as they develop their product.  

Stretford Paddock are looking forward to showcasing what PlayerData can do for the club and the performance of the players, and also bringing this to our audience of football fans and clubs. We can’t wait to show how we integrate PlayerData into our match preparation and the additional analysis we will gain using the GPS trackers.  

“I’m delighted to announce this partnership with PlayerData as our innovation partner. I’ve got a fondness for data and analysis and I am a firm believer in improving performance and understanding in all areas of the pitch, regardless of the level. I’m excited to see what we can do with this system added to our already extensive preparation and analysis.” said Stephen Howson, Manager of Stretford Paddock FC.   

“We are striving to make GPS technology accessible to all clubs so that everyone in the ecosystem has the same chance at success. We are extremely glad to align with Stretford Paddock FC, a grassroot club aiming to integrate sport science and technology into their club culture. With Stretford Paddock FC, it was clear from the start that these criteria would be met and we are looking forward to having them as our anchoring partner in the Manchester area.” said Mark Kirkup, Partnership and Commercial Manager at PlayerData. 

Ronaldo Brown

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