For the second week in a row, Stretford Paddock hammer 5 goals past their opponents at home but this time, to secure their spot in the quarter finals of the Manchester FA Saturday Challenge Trophy.


Today, Paddock faced the very team that knocked them out of last year’s competition – you could tell that both sides were up for it from kick off. The match started with great intensity, yet Denton started the better team. It took only 4 minutes for the away side to break the deadlock.


After winning the ball through a quick press, Denton’s wide attacker whipped the ball across goal, just glancing the cross bar. The ball, fortunately, fell to the feet of his attacking counterpart. He did well to get the ball out of his feet and find the corner.


Paddock responded in a quick and efficient manner. After winning a freekick just to the right of the Denton penalty area, Mikey Burke delivered one of his trademark crosses which was elegantly guided past the keeper by Dom Molloy’s header.


Paddock, however, couldn’t hold onto their lead. A Denton corner was badly cleared and, again, falls to the feet of a Denton attacker who finishes well.


But Paddock, again, responded – this time it was Kieron Molloy. In the 30th minute, a 1-2 pass with Tom Jones unleashed Molloy down the wing. He beat Denton’s fullback with pace and hammered it past the keeper to equalise.


HT: Stretford Paddock 2-2 Denton Town


The second half started less fiercely and that allowed Paddock to assert some dominance. In the 57th minute, Paddock took the lead. A pass from Dom Molloy made its way right into the path of his brother, Kieron’s run. Now in on goal, all Molloy had to do was lift the ball over Denton’s keeper.


With 20 minutes to go, it was 4-2. A clearance from Denton was tame and landed at the feet of Joao De Andrade’s, who was camped on the edge of the box. A beautiful finish from De Andrade all but put to bed the tie against their higher league opposition.


Substitute, Cam Watters, only minutes later, got Paddock’s fifth. The Stretford Paddock midfielder calmly controlled a bobbling ball inside the box and then scooped it past his defender. A half volley goalward was too much for the keeper and Paddock were on their way to the next round.


FT: Stretford Paddock 5-2 Denton Town


Man of the Match: Kieron Molloy


Stretford Paddock: Victor Gimenez, Michael Burke, Will Hobson, James Oatt (C), Kayode Adewale, Nosa Iyamu (46’ Omar Sinclair), Dom Molloy (11’ GOAL) (59’ Cameron Watters), Jainiero Salmon-Harris (81’ Jon Ogo), Joao De Andrade (70’ GOAL) (85’ Tom Jones), Tom Jones (46’ Ryan Pickering), Kieron Molloy (GOAL 31’, 57’) (59’ Ronaldo Brown)


By Andre La Barbera

Website Editor

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