On a dark and wet afternoon in Wythenshawe, Stretford Paddock scored 3 second half goals to return to winning ways and keep their Cheshire League win streak alive and kicking. A freekick from Omar Sinclair, a penalty from Tom Jones and a weak foot strike from Kieron Molloy; saw Paddock go from being 1-0 down to eventual 3-1 victors. The YouTube side are now on a 6-game win streak going into a huge fixture next weekend against league leaders, Upton JFC.


The first half was, without doubt, F.C. St Helens’. The away side defended well when Paddock were in possession and often forced them to lose the ball through a consistent press. St Helen’s also enjoyed spells of possession themselves, creating a handful of chances.

It took the visitors only 5 minutes to go ahead, however. A freekick on the edge of the box allowed St Helens to get a cross into a dangerous area. Just like last week, Paddock failed to deal with their opponents set piece. A lack of communication between keeper, Vic Gimenez, and his men in the box saw the ball hit the deck and trickle into the back of the net.

With 10 minutes of the first half remaining, Paddock finally had a positive spell – often getting the ball into their opponents final third via Ronaldo Brown. Kieron Molloy, late into the half, put a 1-on-1 wide of the post and Paddock found themselves a goal down at the break.


Half Time: Stretford Paddock 0-1 F.C. St. Helen’s Reserves


Paddock came out better after half time however, whenever they tried to break the line and get the ball up to their attackers, the pass was frequently forced and rarely executed well.

It took until the 68th minute for Paddock to calm down and to ‘do their thing’ – beat their opponents by moving the ball. The catalyst – a wonderful goal from Omar Sinclair. A foul, right on the edge of the box gave Paddock a freekick in a dangerous area. Sinclair, after scoring from a similar position last week, was the only man taking this one. He whipped the ball over the wall and into the top corner.

Some great defending from James Oatt and Tommy MacFarlane kept Paddock in the game up until the 83rd minute where Paddock were awarded a penalty. The man who was pulled back in the box, Tom Jones, stepped up and hammered his shot into the roof of the net.

With just 4 minutes to go, Kieron Molloy put the game to bed. St Helens has committed men forward which, for the first time, gave Molloy space. A clearance from Brown was claimed by Molloy. He burst past his defender and hammered his trike past the keeper – 3-1 to The Paddock.


Full Time: Stretford Paddock 3-1 F.C. St. Helens Reserves


Stretford Paddock: Vic Gimenez, Michael Burke, James Oatt (C), Thomas MacFarlane, Omar Sinclair (86’ GOAL), Nosa Iyamu, Cameron Watters (90+1 RED CARD), Jainiero Salmon-Harris (52’ Aftab Jan), Ronaldo Brown (46’ David Salome), Tom Jones (83’ GOAL), Kieron Molloy (86’ GOAL)

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