Bollington Town v Stretford Paddock


Controversy Sparks Paddock Defeat


A disappointed Stretford Paddock suffered defeat to Bollington Town who sit third in the league after an incredibly frustrating performance after a controversial first half goal sealed the game.


A frantic opening minute saw a Bollington midfielder take a strike from long range rocket off the crossbar to the delight of Paddock who were let off after a sloppy piece of defending. A good reaction to the early scare saw a wave of good chances and pieces of play from Paddock.


Around the 25th minute Paddock keeper Martin Flanagan attempted a clearance but was caught in the turf, dropping to the ground in serious pain which was ignored by the Bollington forward as he passed the ball into an empty net to the disbelief of the Paddock players and bench. With Flanagan unable to continue skipper, James Oatt had to step up and play in net with Cam Watters coming on in replace for our injured goalkeeper.


More unsportsmanlike behaviour followed with the hosts unwilling to give Stretford Paddock a goal despite scoring without challenge. Paddock left with a mountain to climb being a goal down without their trusted man between the sticks who saved them on several occasions last time out against Upton.


Mikey Burke, who found himself higher up the pitch due to the absence of Ronaldo Brown, was constantly easing past his opponents due to his sheer pace causing plenty of problems for the Bollington full backs on both sides with Paddock dominating play after going behind so cruelly.


The first half came to an end with Paddock on top in a fiery affair with both sides riled up after heavy challenges and refereeing decisions. Stretford Paddock left with plenty to do, but most certainly not out of the game.


HALF TIME: Bollington Town 1-0 Stretford Paddock


Paddock began the second half how they finished the first, on top, with many opportunities in quick succession, falling their way through Katumba, Burke and Macfarlane.


An aggressive Bollington side often left late challenges on the Paddock players without the referee spotting, along with clear fouls often ignored to the dismay of the Paddock bench who made the referee aware of their own opinions after several controversial decisions impacting Paddock.


Good link up play between Ryan Katumba and Joao De Andrade lead to more positive chances opening up for Paddock as they continued to search for the equaliser which seemed almost destined to come after a long period of sustained pressure from the visitors.


As the game passed the hour mark a heavy but fair challenge from Kayode Adewale was deemed as a foul by the referee who booked the Paddock midfielder after what looked like the influence of the home side’s screams from both players and bench swaying his decision. The resulting free kick saw a confident Oatt in goal collect the ball and attempt to start a counter attack that Paddock were unable to capitalise on.

A piece of excellent closing down from Joao De Andrade saw the Bollington defender dispossessed, leading to him bringing down Joao just outside the box as he bared down on goal.  Incredibly, the ref allowed the Bollington man to leave with only a talking to despite it De Andrade appearing to be the last man. Omar Sinclair’s resulting free kick was unable to beat the wall allowing the home side to clear their lines with Paddock still trailing.


A few Paddock calls were once again ignored by the referee with nothing quite going our way. With only five minutes remaining Paddock continued to press and cause problems for the Bollington back line but to no prevail as the referee blew his final whistle with Paddock suffering defeat.


FULL TIME: Bollington Town 1-0 Stretford Paddock


An altercation between both sets of players and coaches after the game displayed the disappointment and frustration of Stretford Paddock as they fall victim to an incredibly unfair result.


A disappointing result for Paddock as they come away with nothing in a game where they really deserved a lot more.



Stretford Paddock XI: Martin Flanagan (GK), Richard Adjei, Omar Sinclair, James Oatt (C), Thomas Macfarlane, Zacharias Bell, Joao De Andrade, Kayode Adewale, Ryan Katumba, Nosa Iyamu, Michael Burke


Subs: Jan Aftab, Cameron Watters, John Ogochukwu

Ewan Macleod

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