Stretford Paddock have 5 league fixtures remaining this season, with the first 4 of which being away from home. Before they finish their season at home against West Didsbury and Chorlton Reserves next month, Paddock must travel to St Helens, Pilkington, Lymm and Moore. Away game number one is tomorrow and it is not going to be an easy one as Paddock face 2nd place F.C St. Helens Reserves.

Opponent Watch

F.C. St. Helens currently sit in 2nd place in the league but promotion for them is by no means done and dusted. Despite being 2 points clear of Bollington Town in 3rd, Bollington have played 2 games less. St Helens have a similar problem with St Michaels DH who, despite being 4 points behind St Helens, have played 3 games less.

It is vital for St Helens therefore that they take all 3 points against Paddock before their huge final game of the season against Bollington Town. Should F.C. St Helens win their 2 remaining games (including that big game against Bollington), and Bollington don’t pick up another 9 points in their remaining 4 games, promotion would be theirs.

Their main man in attack is Thomas Scarborough. With 11 goals in 7 appearances, Paddock will have to be on their toes should Scarborough be in tomorrows squad.

Head to Head

What sits between St Helens and Paddock is 13 points and 6 league positions.

Paddock have 10 wins this season in contrast to F.C. St. Helens’ 14.

Paddock have drawn 3 games, whilst St Helens have drawn 4.

Paddock have 8 losses to their name however, in comparison to F.C. St. Helens’ 6.

The home side also have a significantly better goal difference to Paddock’s (22 to Paddock’s 1).

What is interesting however, and something which will give Ste and his men confidence, is that one of St. Helens’ losses this season was against Stretford Paddock.

Back in November, goals from Tom Jones, Omar Sinclair and Kieron Molloy saw Paddock comfortably beat St Helens 3 goals to 1 at the Manchester Enterprise Academy. Since then, Kieron Molloy has left the club and Paddock have been struggling to score as a result.

Signings such as Ryan Katumba have certainly helped contribute some of those missing goals from Molloy however, Molloy has been a big miss for the YouTube side.

A win for Stretford Paddock could see them move back into 7th spot should Moore United drop points against Ashton Town Reserves. Ashton do sit bottom however, meaning that this is unlikely.

Team News

Manager, Stephen Howson, is faced with a dilemma ahead of tomorrows match in regards to the number 9 position. After a lengthy spell out, striker Tom Jones is back available for selection.

This makes life difficult for manager Stephen Howson who now has striker, Ryan Katumba in his ranks also.

Jones has registered 10 goals in 15 appearances for Paddock this season with Ryan Katumba scoring 4 in 7 since joining the club mid season.

Katumba offers much more of a physical presence whilst Jones is more quick and nimble. Jones has experience finding the net against St Helens yet Katumba is game ready – he scored only last weekend!

Nevertheless, this is a good predicament for Ste to have considering Paddock have faced plenty of injury crises, especially in the attacking and midfield areas.


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