At Stretford Paddock FC, we believe in celebrating not just the victories on the field, but also the dedication, teamwork, and exceptional contributions that define our players. Last night’s Player of the Year Awards ceremony was an evening filled with camaraderie, applause, and a strong sense of community. As we reflect on the 2022/23 season, let’s delve into the inspiring stories of the winners who have left an indelible mark on our football journey over the past season.

Goal Of The Season – Dom Molloy’s Sensational Strike

Last season’s standout goal came courtesy of Dom Molloy, whose sensational 40-yard strike against West Didsbury & Chorlton in the final game left spectators in awe. This moment of brilliance showcased Dom’s remarkable eye for the spectacular, securing him the Goal of the Season award.


Joe Coleman: The Epitome of Club Spirit

Joe Coleman embodies the true spirit of Stretford Paddock FC, playing in every team, from the first team to the U21s. His unwavering commitment, positive attitude, and leadership, especially within the U21s, have earned him the Clubman of the Year award. Joe’s attitude and dedication symbolises the heart and soul of our club.

U21 Phenom: Joe Coleman Strikes Again

Joe Coleman’s impact extended to the U21 category, where he was recognised as the U21 Players Player of the Year. His versatility, camaraderie, and exceptional performances made him a standout among his peers. Manager Nathan Greenhalgh selected Stefan Koci as a very deserving U21 Player of the Year.


Rising Star: Mikey Burke’s Triumph

Mikey Burke’s name echoed through the awards ceremony, highlighting his incredible potential. Mikey clinched the Top Assister award by a single assist, eating winger Ronaldo Brown to the award, showcasing his playmaking abilities. His consistent performances also earned him the Young Player of the Year title, reflecting his growth performances.

Players’ Favorites: Reserves and First Team

In the Reserve side awards, Joe Coleman continued to shine, adding Reserve Player of the Year to his haul of accolades. Sean Colbert’s excellence and influence among his teammates saw him a nominated as deserving recipient of the Reserve Players Player of the Year award.

Among the first team, Joao De Andrade’s dedication, professionalism and consistency were recognised as he clinched the Players Player of the Year title, narrowly beating Captain James Oatt by a single vote.

Golden Boot and Top Assister: The Pinnacle of Performance

Tom Jones’s goal-scoring prowess earned him the Golden Boot award narrowly holding out to fend off a late surge from Ryan Katumba, while Mikey Burke’s assist record secured him the Top Assister title, just edging out Ronaldo Brown by a single assist.

Special Awards

The “Always Late but Worth the Wait” award playfully acknowledged Kayode Adewale’s habit of being fashionably late, while the “Best Actor” award was presented to Joao de Andrade, paying tribute to his theatrical on-field flair.

The Paddock Medal: Honouring Exceptional Commitment

The Paddock Medal is a reflection of our deep appreciation for individuals who exhibit exceptional dedication, selflessness, and an unwavering commitment to our club’s values. It goes beyond athletic achievements, shining a light on those who truly embody the essence of what it means to be a part of the Stretford Paddock family.

Recognising Remarkable Individuals:

  1. Richie Adjei – The Long-Distance Devotee: Richie Adjei’s commitment to Stretford Paddock FC knows no bounds. Not only has he played across all levels of our club, but he also goes the extra mile – quite literally. Travelling all the way from Leeds to attend training and games showcases his profound dedication. Richie’s journey is a testament to the lengths he’s willing to go to support our club, and his commitment is duly recognised with a Paddock Medal.
  2. Charles Frapwell – Leading Through Adversity: Charles Frapwell’s story exemplifies the power of stepping up when it matters most. A young reserve player, he took on the mantle of managing the team for the final games of the season, showcasing immense leadership and determination. Charles’s willingness to embrace challenges head-on and lead the team in a time of need embodies the qualities we hold dear at Stretford Paddock FC.
  3. Lewis Jeng – Epitome of Dedication: The heart and soul of a club often lie beyond the pitch, and in this case, it extends to Lewis Jeng. Lewis initially joined our club as an intern, eager to learn about cameras and filming. His transformation from intern to club producer is a testament to his dedication and commitment. Honourable mention to his mother, Clare, who’s tireless support and contributions have been invaluable. Their shared commitment to Stretford Paddock FC’s success is truly inspiring and deserving of the Paddock Medal.

Above and Beyond: Fostering a Resilient Community:

The Paddock Medal isn’t just an award; it’s a reflection of the values we hold dear as a community. It stands as a reminder that our club is more than just a football team; it’s a family of individuals who exemplify dedication, resilience, and selflessness.

As we celebrate the winners of this year’s Paddock Medal, we extend our deepest gratitude for their contributions, both seen and unseen. Their actions go beyond the ordinary, reminding us all that the heart of Stretford Paddock FC is made up of individuals who embody our shared values and continue to shape the spirit of our community.

Stretford Paddock FC Player Of The Year – James Oatt

The crowning moment of the night was the announcement of James Oatt as the Stretford Paddock FC Player of the Year. As our club captain, James has exemplified leadership on and off the pitch, consistently delivering quality performances and really embodying the role of club captain. James’ performances were of an extremely high level, week in, week out and thoroughly earned this season’s award by becoming an unquestionably dependent player and a huge asset to the side.

The 2022/23 season was a journey of triumphs, unity, and growth. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners who have left an indelible mark on our club. Your achievements inspire us, and we look forward to a new season filled with even more memorable moments on and off the field.

Stephen Howson

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