Dear Stretford Paddock FC Family,

First and foremost, a massive thank you to everyone who participated in our recent voting on the proposed expansions of our club. Your engagement and enthusiasm are what make Stretford Paddock FC the vibrant and growing community it is today. Here are the results and what they mean for our future:

Voting Results Are In!

  • U16 Side Introduction: An overwhelming 97.16% of you voted in favor. We’re moving forward with welcoming both new U16 sides to our club!
  • U18 Side Introduction: With 97.74% approval, we’re excited to start planning for the inclusion of an U18 side.
  • Reintroducing a Reserve Side: 93.73% support means we’ll also focus on bringing back a reserve side to strengthen our player pathway.

Your support for these initiatives clearly demonstrates our collective commitment to nurturing young talent and providing a complete progression pathway from youth to adult levels.

Addressing Your Questions & Suggestions:

There were over 100 comments on the vote from various members, and a lot of those covered the same topics, so I will answer as best I can below;

Veterans Team & Club App: A few comments had asked about the possibility of introducing a veterans team for former players. I think a strong vets side would be the cherry on the top of a fully functional club, and demonstrate the strength of community. But It is not a focus, right now. Also, progress on our club app is a topic close to all of us, it was ready, and then the update to Twitter/X really destroyed the progress. As it stands, we are at a pause and I don’t have anything more concrete I can update. This needs addressing.

Permanent Home: We’re in active discussions regarding a permanent home for our teams and will share more detailed updates as soon as we have them, it is a long-term goal, and would alleviate an enormous chunk of facility issues, but it’s extremely expensive and we need government, council and grant help. Wait out on this.

Live Streaming Games: The idea of live-streaming games has been something we’ve wanted since our first season. The new Veo camera (once it arrives) promises this facility, it needs testing, but it supposedly can be done. There may be some commercial options we can explore with regard to the live streams. Stay tuned!

Kit/Sponsor Update: Your feedback on kits and sponsors has been invaluable. In the coming weeks, we will present options for our kit manufacturer and sponsor for the next season. Your vote will again play a crucial role.

Virtual/Physical AGM: Plans for a virtual and/or physical AGM are in the works, aiming to bring our global supporter base closer together. It is my intention for us to have this summer’s AGM live for all members to join in, and to ask questions.

Finances: There were concerns amongst the comments in the last vote that there may be a substantial cost to running the additional junior sides. On the contrary, the additional teams actually provide additional revenue to the club through subs. There’s also intangibles that are difficult to project. Such as each new squad of juniors will bring with them family members who might purchase a shirt, or hoodie, or become a member, or share and comment on the videos, which all leads to further growth for the club. Financial projections for next season will be shared at the AGM.

What’s Next?

Upcoming Votes: Your input is essential. Keep an eye out for upcoming votes on our kit manufacturer, kit sponsor for next season, and options for live broadcasting. Your voice will guide these critical decisions as we continue to grow and evolve.

Closing Thoughts:

The unity and passion within our club are stronger than ever. Together, we’re not just building teams; we’re crafting a legacy. As we embark on these exciting expansions, remember that every player, every member, and every vote shapes the future of Stretford Paddock FC.

Here’s to our next steps together—onwards and upwards, Up the Paddock!

Warm regards,


Stephen Howson

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