Stretford Paddock fall to a 1-0 defeat away at Moore United in a game featuring a lot of our U21s after an impressive campaign from the youth side as Paddock looked to close the season on a high after todays result all but confirming that Paddock will still be playing League 2 football next season.

Paddock produced a changed line-up from last weeks 0-0 stalemate at home to Sanbach Town with 8 U21 players entering the squad after an okay campaign for the youngsters what saw them finish 11th in the league. The side saw Coleman and Bell return to the midfield

The early part of the game was dominated by Paddock who were passing there way round the Moore United midfield but they couldn’t turn any of their attacks into massive chances. Paddock first major chance fell to Josh Mbala as the tricky winger danced his way into space on the edge of the box but the shot lacked conviction so it ended up slowly rolling into the keepers hands.

The opening 15 minutes were all Paddock with Moore United only threat coming through one of their pacy wingers but neither side could turn attacks into chances.

After 30 minutes the game became more open as the hosts finally began to hold onto the ball a bit more but as the tale of the whole first half has been neither side has really made the keepers work with both defences putting in good performances in the 1st half. Just before the end of the half terrific play by Paddock just on the outside of the box lead to a shot from the midfield but it could only bounce into the keepers arms.

Moore would than create their own massive chance as another cross is driven in what was missed by Taylor in goal but luckily didn’t find its way to a Moore player so it was quickly cleared and Paddock survived a late scare.

The final chance of the half fell to Paddock as a foul just outside the box saw Burke try and curl the ball into the top corner but it just went wide of the post

Half Time: Moore United 0-0 Stretford Paddock

The second half followed the same trend as the first half with Paddock wasted chances begin to pile high as another freekick this time by Walsh was sent over the bar

But it would be Moore who break the deadlock after a poor pass back from Oatt left Taylor in no mans land saw the Moore striker head home the ball and give them a 1-0 lead against the run of play.

On the hour mark Paddock made 2 changes as they tried to search for the equaliser as Teddy Ojijo and Victor Iyumva replaced Coleman and Iyamu in the midfield.

Stephen Howson watching on

Since the substitutions Moore began to create more chances after another poor defensive pass allowed the hosts to cross the ball into the middle but luckily for Paddock it went just over the head of the oncoming attacker

With Paddock still struggling to convert any chance they get Howson decided to roll the dice once more with Mbala being replaced by Ospina to try and salvage a needed point just as we entered the final 20.

As we entered the final 10 minutes Paddock finally began to put their foot on the gas by finally creating shooting chances as Paddock found themselves constantly in Moore United box but the resulting shots were either too weak or being sent over the bar.

Paddock big chance came just before 90 minutes as a corner was whipped in by Burke saw Oatts shot saved by the keeper and Joao chance on the second cross sent high and flying summing up Paddock game today.

Full Time: Moore United 1-0 Stretford Paddock

James Richardson

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